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"Birth time guess or estimate" Reports
If the birth time is not from a birth certificate or birth record or known to be accurate within about 10 or 15 minutes, then we recommend to check the "birth time is a guess or estimate" option. These reports leave out interpretations of things that are dependent on having an accurate birth time, such as planets in houses and the Ascendant. Therefore, a "birth time estimate" report is a little shorter than a "Birth time certificate or birth time record" report.

Note also that some reports are not available in a "birth time is a guess or estimate" time version because they require a birth time.

Compatibility Reports in Norwegian

Does a relationship show real promise to be a long-lasting friendship where you can trust each other? What differences in your personalities might clash with each other or complement each other? What direction is this relationship likely to take? Find out! These reports provide useful and helpful guidelines that can help bring into awareness things you that might otherwise overlook.

Friends Compatibility Report - Norwegian

This report is appropriate for any kind of relationship. The way that your temperaments and personalities are likely to affect each other is described and advice on how to make the relationship work is given. Major themes in the relationship based on the most powerful interactions between the charts are identified and described. This is a thorough and well-organized report that describes the issues that are strongest in this relationship.

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Romantic Compatibility Report - Norwegian

This report is organized in the same manner as the Friends Report described above, but this report is designed specifically for people who are married or romantically attracted to each other. This report includes the information in the Friends Report and also includes informaton relevant to romantic couples. If this relationship is romantic, we recommend this report rather than the Friends Report. We receive consistently high praise for this report as well as the Friends Report.

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